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Some of the benefits behind intramurals and wellness program is that you're going to get an overall great social connection with so many different students. And not only that it's fun, it's a great way of just releasing a lot of stress that you sometimes experience as a student. You're going to get educational programming, you're going to get the foundation of how to build a great wellness aspect within yourself.

And one of the main things that a lot of students can take part in is our ISR classes, where they're fitness classes where they can do it as a one credit or two credit, but it's including them within their academic course. It also includes yoga, we also have meditation. So here at Barry we care so much about the physical, mental, and well-being about the students.

So we have our own public safety department. They're here 24/7. You'll see them walking. We have a shuttle service that starts after 8:00 PM so if students are in the library and want to go to the cafeteria or from the dorm to the cafe, vice versa, they can actually call them through their cell phone, as a direct line, or they can dial one of our call boxes that are located within 100 feet of each other around the campus. But we also have a partnership with the Miami Shores police department as well. So if there's ever any emergency, there's always an officer 24/7 patrolling the campus.

We have counseling services for our students who go through all kinds of struggles and situations to come through and talk to their advisors or faculty members that are able to help them and whatever they're going through.