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Transfer Student Experience

  • Barry strives to make the transfer student process easy and stress-free
  • Small class sizes ensure one-on-one attention
  • Advisors get to know your name, your talents, and your goals
  • Prospective students can find out what credits will transfer before they apply
  • Applications are accepted year-round
  • Learn more about transfer student admissions

My transfer experience here was very easy. I came from a very small high school, so coming here to Barry, it was very interesting and easy to see that the classrooms were very similar to what I was already used to, so it wasn't too hard, but it was a breeze overall.

So the advisors at Barry University are pretty helpful for one is that they are very personal with you. The advisor that you get, some schools, you don't have a specific advisor. For this school, you do have a specific advisor, and they actually know what you want to do. They don't just want to know what you want to do in school, but they want to know what you want to do as far as a career path. So with that being said, they really want you to succeed, not only in school, but also in your career in the future. Me transferring from a community college is already a small environment. So I just wanted to be in the same type of environment when I get to a university.

Transferring to Barry was a whole new experience and something that I think, overall, will help me grow as a person, as a student, and it's a choice that I'm very happy that I made.