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International Student Experience

Barry University is super diverse. That's so rare to find in other schools. And you can see that diversity on this campus clearly, and everybody's so nice and welcoming, no matter where you come from. Transitioning for me was easy. I miss my family a lot, but there's a lot to do on the campus, a lot of places to get involved. So it was a great transition, I would say a pretty easy transition.

As an international student, if you ever need any type of support, we have the International Student and Multicultural Programs Office. And so if you are an international student, if you need any help with going back home, or if you need any help emotionally, we also have counseling services who just help with time management or being homesick, and you can just always stop in and talk to them there also. And anything with documents for your international travels, the International Multicultural programs can help with that.

The international community here is very inclusive. There's always students at the little cafe. They know that they're at a new institution, a new country. So they're here together and kind of help each other along the way.