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Student Involvement & Leadership Development

  • More than 60 student organizations on campus
  • Students are encouraged to start their own organizations
  • Alternative Spring Break volunteers have traveled to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Haiti, Jamaica, and more
  • De Porres Center for Ethical Leadership helps students develop leadership skills and get involved


Being involved in a student club or starting a student club is one of the many ways that Barry helps build their students into leaders.

We do have student fairs for the organizations. You can also go to our student union office and ask them what organizations we provide. If your organization that you are interested in is not at the school yet, it is as easy as just starting it.

I got involved by starting a Jewish club on campus. And when I approached them with the idea, they were super supportive and super excited to help me get the club started.

So alternative spring break, we go maybe out of the country or to other states, maybe helping impoverished areas or that have just been hit with a natural catastrophe. So it's more of enjoying your time to help in the community.

Another program that promotes leadership here on campus is Ethical Leadership Conference, in which students are, their organization, as well as their e-boards, that give them a chance to go and learn about building your leadership skills and just listening to different seminars are held there.

So we just got done doing our leadership adventure camp. So what that consists of is they went kayaking, high adventures, ziplining, really fun things like that. And it always included with the school. We just had to sign up for it. And you just worked on your leadership skills while being involved with other students.

All in all, it's been very rewarding to be part of Barry student life. And it's really great that Barry has so many opportunities for student involvement. And I really enjoy being a part of that.