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  • Founders' Week honors Barry's history with Community Fest, lectures, and service projects
  • Homecoming Week includes fun-filled programs by students, for students
  • Festival of Nations celebrates Barry’s cultural diversity – more than 80 countries represented on campus
  • Barry Special Christmas gets students in the holiday spirit before classes end
  • Stay up-to-date on Barry University student events

We have a lot of stuff that involves student life that will get you involved with other students. During Founder's Week, we actually have competitions between us and other departments in the school, other students are always welcome to join. We have homecoming week. And in homecoming week, we have something called Festival of Nations, which is a way to give props to every country that's represented at Barry University.

Each country represented at Barry will take a parking space on a parking lot, and they'll have a little bit of culture from their country. So they'll have free food. They'll have some clothing from there, and some music. And that event, I just love it because you see the cultures. So that event shows you how diverse the school is. How, you have to ask the question, where are you from?

My favorite Barry tradition has to be, Berry Special Christmas, where it's open to our community. We have a petting zoo there. Santa Claus comes out, and you can tell him what you want for Christmas, people exchanging gifts with each other, whether it's your coworker, or you and your professor, it's such a homey feeling.

When you think about tradition, you usually think of our family. And it's great to me that Barry has all these traditions because, like, we get to pass along these traditions to our incoming classes every year and seeing the smiles on their faces when they get to see these new traditions that they're introduced to. So it's kind of like being able to pass the torch down.