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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The counselors here at Barry admissions and financial aid are very warm, welcoming, and kind people. The door is always open. It's a walk in policy. So as long as you come in and you would like to talk to them, they will assist you.

FAFSA sends your free application for federal student aid. Completing your FAFSA is going to determine how much money you're going to be eligible to receive and will definitely help you reduce from any cost you have to attend a private university.

FAFSA completion of extremely important. The reason it's so important is because universities' sticker price is a lot different than the actual cost of attendance.

Once the student applied, and if they're accepted, they get a merit-based scholarship in their acceptance package that goes up to $17,000 per year. Once the FAFSA and merit-based scholarships are applied, the balance is extremely different, compared to what the actual sticker price was.

So that sticker price, that what you see, you're never paying that amount. And 90% of our students do receive financial aid assistance.

The scholarships that we do have available here at Barry University for students to apply, we do have the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, the Catholic Scholarshop, The Honors Scholarship, and as well, we do accept the Florida Bright Futures. And we do have a grant called the Florida EASE Grant, which is for our Florida resident students attending a private university. You can also receive that grant.

On our own scholarship website, we do have internal scholarship that students can apply for as well. Attending a private university like Barry University can be affordable to any student.