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We have 12 programs here that our teams get to know each other really well. And it's very similar to our university in the classroom setting.

Last year, the women's golf team, so my team, we won nationals. Also, women's tennis won nationals last year. Overall we won 18 national championships.

So our student athletes are provided with the state of the art workout facilities. We have two gyms, the downstairs one is strictly for student athletes, given that privacy to do workouts and to get that one on one with a trainer. We have a game field, and we also have a practice field. So we preserve that game field. Student athletes here have it really good.

Our student athletes do great in the classroom. Academics are a very important element, as well as we're competitive, and our athletes are very competitive and want to do well in both areas.

Nearly 75% of our student athletes have 3.0's or above. We want to show that we're not just a school with great sports, but we have students that excel in the classroom as well.

I feel like we have a lot of time, both for homework and both for athletic practices. We have a good balance. This is important to me because I also want to have a college life, not only an athletic college life.

I would specifically recommend Barry University's athletic program. Number one, you can just look at our success. But it's really the people that are here, the coaches-- we care about our student athletes, and we want them to be successful.

I'm proud to be a Barry Buccaneer.