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Biology (Pre-Med)


Barry has a lot of research opportunities. Most of the professors of biology have different research projects that they're working on and they really vary. So whether you're interested in marine biology, or more focused on animals, medical, clinical, there are so many different opportunities.

We have no graduate students in the chemistry and biology labs here at Barry. And so all of our research is done with our undergraduate students. So when our students go on to a graduate program, they know exactly what's expected of a graduate student because they've essentially been doing while they were here doing research with us. They're better prepared for graduate school or to go directly into the workforce.

Our professors have had a lengthy amount of time working in whatever field they're teaching. So they're very experienced in what they do.

Their bio department prepares students very well for medical school. The classes are very challenging and the teachers are very focused on letting you know how grad school is going to be. Students who have graduated from the biology department at Barry have moved on to really amazing things, whether it's the PhD program at MIT or have gotten into the med school of their choice. The future for the bio students at Barry really looks bright.