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  • Challenging programs in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Computer Sciences, Psychology, and more
  • Opportunities for guided undergraduate research – students work alongside professors
  • Small class sizes, so professors get to know your goals and help you achieve them
  • STEM Living and Learning Community allows freshmen to take the same courses and live in the same residence hall 
  • Student organizations develop leadership skills and lifelong friendships
  • Apply now using the myBarry admissions portal


For someone who's interested in STEM, the STEM program here at Barry has a lot of opportunities. It has opportunities to do research, the classes are really great. Even though they're hard, you have the opportunity to talk to the professors one on one. We have tutoring resources, we have TAs, we have clubs that introduce you to research if you don't know what you want to do, if you don't know if you want grad school, if you want med school.

So we have the resources. If you're very proactive and look for them, the STEM program here is going to be great for you. We really have a relationship with the faculty and they really truly care for the students, and they want to see the students do their best. So for example, you can approach them and tell them you want to do research, and most of them have spaces in their lives, which is great for students that want to get involved in research. There's professors that worked in industry in different pharma companies.

We also have professors that came from Cambridge, professors in southern Europe, professors from the Caribbean island. So we have a range of different faculty. So I started grad school applications last semester and I got accepted to Yale, MIT, and Vanderbilt. I ended up choosing MIT and I will be starting my graduate research in the fall, which takes about five years. And then hopefully I'll end up getting a PhD in geochemistry.

And if it weren't for Barry University, this wouldn't have been possible.