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Arts & Sciences

  • Offers more than 20 degrees in Biology and Chemistry, Communication, Fine Arts, Political Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Theology, and more
  • Foundation of the university learning experience to create a well-rounded education
  • Learn from experienced faculty – 90% of full-time faculty hold the highest degrees in their field
  • Opportunities for hands-on experience and guided undergraduate research
  • Professors and advisors support your goals and connect you to the resources you need
  • Learn more about Barry University's College of Arts and Sciences


A lot of the professors in the College of Arts and Sciences are certainly very experienced in -you know- the field that they teach. We have professors who have been reporters, and anchors, and writers. And it's really nice when you're learning from someone who knows and has experienced everything they're teaching us.

There are a lot of schools and a lot of programs at Barry University School of Arts and Sciences. There is a lot of opportunities to do qualitative and quantitative research.

Me personally in my research class, I had to do a project on how reality TV portrays women of color, analyzing it and looking deeper into it, rather than just watching it for fun. So that was definitely fun to do.

So in the psychology department we are offered two specializations, forensic and industrial & organizational. I think it pushes the procedure, the process of our degrees further. We are able to specialize in one aspect of the field before we have to go to the masters colleges.

All the relationships and all the support that I have received from my advisors, my mentors on my research projects, and the faculty members, it's very gratifying to hear from somebody outside of Miami telling you "we have heard from so-and-so recommending you for this job." And that so-and-so happens to be my advisor.