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While joining the social work team when I did meet the faculty at all different rates, the professors, adjunct professors, the staff there. They're all great, all great. There's definitely a way that you could find your tribe I guess you can say. Like, you find out one person who just gets you and they're like, "oh, you came from this background, oh perfect. I can see you working in this and this." And they give you the tools because it's hard when you go on to your masters.

So in the grad school of social work, we of course place students in multiple settings. So we have a large number of social service agencies where they can be placed for their internships. The students are able to apply some of the training that they're getting in the classroom to real actual people. And that's for them is very rewarding but it is also a great opportunity to apply theory to practice.

Getting a master's in social work is a really good marketable degree just because it's that master's level program where you can go in any way. You don't have to be working with kids with DCF for example. You can literally take it into the legal profession. You can take it into movies. You can go into it anywhere that you want it to go.

We bring in prospective employers to come here and recruit from our campus. We have agencies, frankly, that have categorized our students as some of the "higher quality students" in the entire metropolitan region, far above the students from other graduate programs in the area.