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  • Bachelor’s programs in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Management, and Sport Management
  • Barry’s School of Business is AACSB accredited, ensuring the highest standards of business education – less than 5% of business schools worldwide are AACSB accredited
  • Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) allows students to invest and manage real money in real markets. Discover SMIF
  • Miami is home to more than 700 multinational companies, offering abundant internship opportunities
  • Learn more about Barry University's Andreas School of Business


Something I would say is unique about Barry is that most of our professors do have PhDs so it's very easy for them to bring in real life problems into the classroom. They will bring in certain accounts that are closed already so that makes it very unique that we get to do the experience before we actually enter the field.

For me, going to a school that is accredited by the AACSB, which is the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools, is extremely amazing because I was searching for a great business school. And when I found out that they were accredited and that only 5% of schools actually pass that requirement, it was a done deal for me.

Our Smith program here is a student managed investment funds program within our business department where Barry donated a percentage of their endowment to the students to be able to invest into stocks, real stocks, which provides our students with first hand experience with managing portfolios. So if you do want to go into like Wall Street and things like that, it would definitely be an easier transition from being at Smith into going into finances.

There a number of internships available, especially for the businesses here on campus. Every single day you find that our advisors send us emails and tell us there's an internship open. I feel like I'm actually in my field already, like the real parts of it, like how hard it could be, how demanding it can be. It's actually a really good program and I wouldn't choose another one.