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  • More than 20 Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist, and Doctoral degrees in:
    • Teaching and Education
    • Counseling
    • School Psychology
    • Leadership
    • Human Resources and more 
  • Valuable, hands-on field experience and research opportunities
  • Strong reputation for career preparation – employers seek out Barry School of Education graduates
  • Learn more about Barry University's Adrian Dominican School of Education

Students in the School of Education have several opportunities for field experience. For example, as a graduate student, I have had several opportunities to present research, things that I've worked on in classes that I then have an opportunity to present around the United States.

Throughout a student's experience here, they're not only taking classes and doing coursework and assignments, but that they're also able to experience the application of that, and that as educators, as counselors, as leaders, that they really have an opportunity to really impact change, you know, one human being at a time.

I think that Barry University does an excellent job, specifically the School of Education for making sure that we have hands on experience. So the classrooms are-- ratios are small for students to professors or adjunct. And it gives us an opportunity to get the hands on experience with the technology, learning with the professors as well as having experience, in field experience outside of the classroom and bringing it back to share with our colleagues.

A Barry University education, going into a degree program in the Adrian Dominican School of Education will give you the best return on your investment. And I promise you, you will get the job of your choice, because employers out there want Barry University graduates.