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Graduate & Professional Programs

  • More than 50 graduate degree programs in Business, Education, Law, Nursing, Podiatric Medicine, and more. View complete list of programs
  • Online programs also available. View online programs
  • Flexible full-time and part-time options for working professionals
  • One-on-one attention from professors and advisor
  • Focus on career preparation and advancement
  • Students receive solid foundation for research


We offer a wide variety of programs here at Barry ranging from podiatry, to nursing, social work, to law, to business, to sport management, which is the program I'm in.

Barry's programs are actually very flexible. I actually attend school on Saturdays or I go in the afternoon on Thursday or Tuesday. So that allows me to have time to work in the morning.

Barry accommodates working professionals by offering online classes. We get that online option so that you can also learn from home with our online programs that Barry has to offer.

The graduate program has what we like to call an open door policy. We are very, very open to having students come to us for counseling with the problems that they may have typically when they are adjusting to student life here.

So the school does a great job of preparing our students with jobs once they graduate. Prior to graduation, we have a lot of networking events for the students. The school does a great job of helping you meet those professionals in the industry, along with the connections that their professors already have in the field.

Relative the research as well, this university is different because we do involve students from the ground up in learning about research, and understanding methodology, and understanding the statistics involved, what it takes to actually put a trial together.

Compared to my undergrad when I went to another Miami school, the graduate program is so much more hands on. It's so much more in depth. I don't know how else to explain it. Like when I walk through the hallways, people know my name and they know the person right next to me. And they're able to say, hey, have you looked into this or have you checked into this? Because they want you to become involved and want you to understand that you have to give back in order to get. So it's a great process.