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  • Students from more than 40 states and 80 countries
  • 122-acre main campus in Miami
  • 8 miles from Downtown Miami
  • 6 miles from the nearest beach
  • Center for Community Service Initiatives oversees all service projects
  • Barry students log more than 60,000 service hours each year



What I love most about Miami is the diversity. I've met so many different people from different backgrounds and ethnicities here, even just in living on campus. Coming here to Miami, I've learned so much in regards to the different cultures and backgrounds of others.

There are so many things to do that are located near the campus. We have downtown five minutes away, 10 minutes away. We have the beach 15 minutes away.

Barry is close enough to all the action in Miami that you can go whenever you want. But we're not directly in the chaos of everything. So you can still focus on school. If you work, you can still focus on your work. If you have a whole bunch of things going on throughout the week, you can focus on them. But then on the weekend, you're close enough that if there's a concert, there's a Heat game, there's a dolphin game, you want to go out to eat, you want to go, whatever you want to do, you can do it.

Barry is really known for getting involved in the community, especially through different departments. So for example, with the School of Social Work Education, we are known for our community service.

We have a Center for Community Service Initiatives. And that Center supports a wide range of what we call community-based learning. And that encompasses everything from traditional volunteer work to service learning that's part of courses. So community service is really part and parcel of most of what we do here.